Established in 2007, Oiyakaha is a center for art and ecology. Oiyakaha is located in the Amazon of Brazil, 125km north of Manaus and covers 140 hectares of virgin rainforest with rivers and hills, springs and valleys.

Oiyakaha is derived from the language of the indigenous Waimiri-Atoari, meaning “shining brightly, the sun is rising.”  In accordance with its name, Oiyakaha’s intention is to radiate positive energy, stimulate artistic activities and contribute to the development of solutions for the humanitarian and ecological needs of the Amazon. Its objective is to promote and develop ecologically sound and healthy living.

Oiyakaha is coordinated by Markus Shimizu, who is living in Berlin and visiting the Amazons each year. The terrain and facilities of Oiyakaha are open to people interested in participating or developing their own projects. In agreement with Markus workshops or projects can be arranged.


Oiyakaha has the following objectives:

  • Develop and disseminate practices of sustainable agriculture and a healthy way of living.
    This includes:
      1. Renewable energies: bio gas, micro hydro and solar energy
      2. Sustainable agriculture: permaculture, sustainable use of the rainforest
      3. Healthy living: balanced nourishment, effluent treatment, ecological sanitary facilities
  • Protect the Amazon rainforest and its ecology.
  • Foster the local cultural network by organizing lectures and workshops in art and music involving the local community.


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